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On the Day of the Treatment:


Move the pain out of your body. Right after the session it is advisable, to walk for 10 minutes. For the rest of the day try not to sit for more than 30 minutes – get up and move around a bit.

Flush the pain out of the body.  Bowen work is helped by a well hydrated body and some of the moves stimulate detoxification. Drink lots of water.

Take it easy.  Gentle exercise is good but avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting.

Avoid extreme heat or cold – no very hot or cold baths or showers, no ice packs or hot water bottles.  Bowen will go on working in the body for about a week. Extremes of heat or cold stop this continued benefit.  Get your money’s worth!

Keep your feet together (as shown at the end of the treatment) when getting up out of a chair, getting out of bed etc.  This sets the Bowen work and will help balance the body.

During the week after the Treatment:

Continue to walk at least 20 minutes daily.
Drink plenty of water.
Take it easy as much as possible – allow your body to heal.
Wait a week before undertaking any other kind of bodywork. Any form of bodywork – massage, manipulation – can stop the integration of the Bowen work which will continue making adjustments in the body for about a week.
For the same reason, avoid extreme hot and cold, as on the day of treatment.
Carry out any exercises your practitioner has recommended.

Remember the 3 W’s


Conditions that can be treated with Bowen