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“I first visited Catherine Ford, as a friend highly recommended Bowen Treatment to me – I was 8 and a half months pregnant and feeling very uncomfortable, at times in pain, had very low energy levels, and was not sleeping well.

I noticed after the first Bowen treatment with Catherine, a subtle shift in my body and spirits – I didn’t ache as much, I was sleeping better and generally life flowed with more ease.  I also found the treatments themselves to be very restful and I enjoyed going to see Catherine.

The baby was born after my third treatment, and the labour was a lot less difficult and a lot shorter than the the first time round. I will be looking forward to visiting Catherine again for a post-birth treatment and also for my new little baby to have a treatment with Catherine too.

I am very grateful indeed to Catherine and her treatments, they have had a very positive effect on my life.”

Katherine C.

“I’ve been seeing Catherine for Bowen treatments on and off for the past 2 years. More than anything, what I get from each treatment is a real feeling of calmness that lasts for weeks. The Bowen appears to balance my body in a way that limits my anxieties and helps me to keep everything in perspective. Catherine is professional and kind. I would absolutely recommend her and a Bowen treatment to anyone suffering with anxiety.”

Katie H.

“In Catherine, you will find a dedicated, experienced and caring Bowen Practitioner. Catherine has extensive knowledge of the Bowen Technique. She has helped me in the past with lower back pain, which was greatly dimished after a couple of treatments. It is a shame that she’s in London and I am in California!!”

Sylvia A.

“It was lovely to meet you yesterday. After the Bowen session I slept very well, was I in a much more uplifted mood, and no more twinges. Something has shifted emotionally for sure.”

Julie D.

“Just one treatment with Catherine eased me of a lower back pain I’d been experiencing for the previous year. I’m still free of that pain and plan to go back to her for a general maintenance session very soon. Catherine has a very professional and personable approach, and I highly recommend her.”

Rachael H.

“I went to Catherine for respiratory problems. She was extremely careful in asking me detailed questions and quickly recognised what was needed. She is a delightful person to come into contact with. Gentle, understanding and most importantly, effective. The Bowen technique really works in a special way using a different techique that Catherine will explain fully during your consultations. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Catherine for any ailments as the Bowen Techique is applicable to most of the body.”

Diane N.

“I saw Catherine for one session of an hour long. The time seemed to fly by and the therapy was so relaxing. Catherine makes you feel totally at ease. From a stress busting point of view it works wonders! I would highly recommend Catherine and the Bowen technique to anyone who needs to unwind and relax.”

Venetia R.

“Catherines treatment is fantastic , I feel so much better after evey session , I can highly recommend her”

Sandra L.

“My knee problem is no longer a problem! What ever it was that you did made super difference.”

Tanja L.

“I went to see Catherine with a frozen shoulder. I could barely move my arm. Catherine was very warm, sympathetic, professional and thorough in her treatment. I noticed an immediate improvement after our first session. Previously physiotherapy had failed me but Catherine’s gentle and precise treatment unlocked my arm. She suggested some exercises which proved to be very effective. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Barbara O

“Due to a deteriorating arthritic hip I suffered considerable back pain. I was recommended  to go to Catherine Ford for some sessions of Bowen and she treated me for about 6 months. The Technique enabled me to be much more comfortable and prepared me for the eventual surgery. I have now had my hip successfully resurfaced. I strongly recommend the Bowen Technique for the help it has given me and Catherine Ford as a practitioner thereof.”

Nigel R

”I have been aware of Bowen for many years but it was not until I met Catherine that I actually experienced it.   I am a massage therapist and have had many, many different kinds of treatments over the 27 years I have been working.   Bowen was totally different, very simple and very effective.

At first it was odd that Catherine only seemed to do a very few Bowen moves on me and then leave the room, to return a few minutes later to do another few moves.   This process goes on throughout the session.   What I came to realise and very much appreciate was that the healing happens in my own body when the therapist is not in the room  –  unlike any other treatment I have received.   Once I got used to this idea I totally loved it.   Something very profound happens and my body is able to correct, balance and heal in the way it needs to.   It is unbelievably relaxing – so deep as to feel like coming home, like having had 10 hours sleep, like feeling totally supported and held in a way that is perfect just for me.

I came to Catherine with chronic neck and lower back pain.  Within three sessions the neck pain has totally gone and my lower back pain (which I have had for 30 odd years) very rarely troubles me now.   I would highly recommend Catherine and Bowen to anyone with pain or exhaustion. “
Deirdre G

“My sessions with Catherine for upper back pain were brilliant. Her professional manner made it very easy for me to relax and benefit immensely from the treatment. I have already had Bowen before for previous ailments, but it will always be my first port of call as it can help on so many levels.”
Ralph A

“I came to Catherine Ford after having been recommended to Bowen Therapy by friends, one of whom knew Catherine.  I had been having a great deal of trouble with aching legs and some mild arthritis in my knees.  I received five sessions of Bowen with her and after each one I felt much better – more balanced, relaxed and in less pain.  A further benefit of the therapy was that after a session, detoxification occurred and I was better able to eliminate waste.  My legs are now back to normal and walking is no longer painful.   I would recommend Bowen Therapy and Catherine for anyone with similar symptoms.”
Sara T

“I went to see Catherine Ford in the hope that the Bowen Technique could help alleviate the pain & stiffness in my shoulders caused by years of arthritis.  I had read that Bowen was very effective for treating “frozen shoulder” so thought it was worth trying.  I had also been feeling very “muddle-headed” and struggled to concentrate and remember things.  After only a few treatments with Catherine, my shoulders regained their full range of movement for the first time in years and they were no longer painful & stiff.  And my “fuggy head” disappeared, my concentration improved dramatically and I no longer felt tired and sluggish.  Catherine is an excellent practitioner who inspires confidence in her patients.  And Bowen is an amazing technique which has worked wonders for me. “
Sarah H.

“My problem was lower back pain and sciatica , sometimes causing severe spasms in my legs.

I had 3 Bowen treatments and after each one there was an improvement in my ability to move without getting stabs of pain. I feel more mobile in getting around, walking etc – only yesterday I got out of a friend’s very low armchair without even thinking about it!!  Bending down etc has also become easier.

It was very successful and I would suggest Bowen to any of my friends who feel they have the sort of problem which it might help.”
John H

“I have suffered with lower back pain for over 30 years, ever since injuring it whilst helping a patient out of the bath when working as a nurse.  Every few months my back ‘goes’, usually caused by a simple everyday movement. I often get a few days warning that this is going to happen as my back feels ‘fragile’. It then takes a few weeks of quite severe pain before returning to normal, sometimes I have been unable to stand up straight, and have on occasion had to climb the stairs on all fours!

I have recently had a course of 3 Bowen treatments, the first whilst my back was in ‘fragile’ mode. I believe this is the first time it has returned to normal without an injury occurring first. I have remained relatively free of backache since.”
Jenifer L

“I am very pleased and satisfied with the Bowen Treatments I have had with Catherine Ford and which have given such excellent results. For several years I was suffering daily with dizzy spells and am now completely free of them and my circulation has greatly improved. I can highly recommend Catherine for her Bowen expertise and the full dedication she gives to each of her patients.”
Florence A

“I feel really good today, my back and neck are feeling much better and my insides feel really good (not sure how to describe that) I guess I could say I just feel a lot healthier?”

Alice H

“Catherine’s Bowen treatment on me helped me tremendously.  Having had an acute pain in my shoulder for about 4 days, she did one Bowen treatment on me and within 5 minutes of it ending, the pain was relieved.  That evening my coccyx hurt slightly, but this was better by the morning.”
Hayley D

“I must say that I was quite sceptical about how and if the Bowen Technique would work for me.  To tell the truth, it all sounded rather flaky but Wow! Was I wrong!

After the first session I could really tell that my neck had improved and after the second my neck felt a lot better.  Now I feel no pain and I have regained the mobility which was a serious concern.

Catherine’s treatment was very gentle and she explained things well.  She seemed truly concerned and caring.

For anyone out there who thinks this is just hocus-pocus, please give it a try and hopefully you too will be a convert!”
Barbara L

“Catherine Ford has asked me to write some comments on my three Bowen treatments from her.

My main feeling is that it has been amazingly helpful.  I don’t have any major physical problems, but my back is sometimes stiff and painful.  Being a golfer this is important to me and the treatment has helped. Apart from this I have a sense of well being and tranquility which is quite noticeable.

I found Catherine very reassuringly professional and she has a gift for setting one at ease, so the whole experience has been very relaxing.”
Pat I

“I have been troubled by lower back pain for some years (stemming from an old ankle injury which over the years has affected my posture, balance etc.)  The most marked aspect of this is in the way it has affected my sleep patterns, producing when I lie down a dull ache sufficient to awaken me often around 3.00am and keep me awake, at times until dawn.

I can report that since having some Bowen Technique Therapy over the last few weeks this nightly aggravation has lessened greatly.”
Brian F

“I have just shaken off a virus which has upset my liver and kidneys, caused painful joints and heavy limbs and given me out of body experiences.  My doctor took blood to discover high neutrophils and liver counts, I had scans, x-rays and all sorts of tests which proved negative.

In desperation to try to feel normal and less exhausted and lifeless, I talked to Catherine Ford who suggest a course of treatment using the Bowen Technique.  I had three treatments.  The change is magical.  I am restored to my former health and strength after six months of worry and depression.

I recommend anyone to try this with Catherine, a kind, caring professional with the magic touch!
Pamela C (60 year old retired nurse)

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